Monday, 12 July 2010


Oh my gosh! MORE GOSH! Well well well, ain't i a lucky gal!!! Mumma Fitz went to a fayre on the weekend and saw this little box at the back of a table...and thought ''ooh, Liz likes cute old boxes...'' she investigated further...and opened this little gem to fiiiinnndd...

it says A.E.B on it :)
me and mum like to think that it stands for
Arabella Erica Brookes
(no idea...)

then inside....
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE!!!! a travel set!
contents: manicure set
two pots (one still containing a pink rose scented powder)
two cork stopper and screw lid bottles
a comb
a hair brush

One of the pots has stuff in it still!
It smells like roses and is pink, so i think its like a shimmer powder
but it could be talc?

art deco style! wweeeeeee :D

little pot of pink powder,

gosh..this is just so..

arg!!! amazing!!!!
he tried to sell it for £2,
mum just gave him all the money in her pocket,
which wasn't too much...
so it was £4!!!!!!
and the money made went toward
emergency housing kits for war torn countries.


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

oh my freaking goodness!!!

Daddy, i want a pony...
or a baby brother...
(for tom ;) )

I receive emails from etsy daily
this was in today's mail..
i want it. i want it. i want it.

how cute is it?? oh my gosh.
the photography oppertunities..
the lovely feeling it will have.

oh me, oh my.
im in love with baby brother.

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