Monday, 12 July 2010


Oh my gosh! MORE GOSH! Well well well, ain't i a lucky gal!!! Mumma Fitz went to a fayre on the weekend and saw this little box at the back of a table...and thought ''ooh, Liz likes cute old boxes...'' she investigated further...and opened this little gem to fiiiinnndd...

it says A.E.B on it :)
me and mum like to think that it stands for
Arabella Erica Brookes
(no idea...)

then inside....
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE!!!! a travel set!
contents: manicure set
two pots (one still containing a pink rose scented powder)
two cork stopper and screw lid bottles
a comb
a hair brush

One of the pots has stuff in it still!
It smells like roses and is pink, so i think its like a shimmer powder
but it could be talc?

art deco style! wweeeeeee :D

little pot of pink powder,

gosh..this is just so..

arg!!! amazing!!!!
he tried to sell it for £2,
mum just gave him all the money in her pocket,
which wasn't too much...
so it was £4!!!!!!
and the money made went toward
emergency housing kits for war torn countries.


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

oh my freaking goodness!!!

Daddy, i want a pony...
or a baby brother...
(for tom ;) )

I receive emails from etsy daily
this was in today's mail..
i want it. i want it. i want it.

how cute is it?? oh my gosh.
the photography oppertunities..
the lovely feeling it will have.

oh me, oh my.
im in love with baby brother.


Thursday, 4 March 2010


So, im moving house, as you will, in my other blog....we've got to sort through, organise and move an LOT of stuff thats been shoved in sheds etc over the past 10 years. on monday we cleared out a shed, and found a chair that im SO having, needs reupholstering but im up for that. ill upload before and after pics when its dried out a bit :)

Anyyywaaayyyyy, i found this amazing little tin! lookit!

then..what could be inside???

My Grandads leather work kit, YEAH IT IS!!! oh my im so excited to do stuff. im gonna make a collar for my dog :) and another for when we have a new dog. :). yyaayy :)

It seems my grandparents left me everything i would need for my hobbies, my Grandad also had a camera and looadss of bits and bobs, and now this :) and a letter press kit..for embossing/engraving, soldering iron etc etc. and my Gran left her sewing kit, knitting stuff, craft case full of scalpels, pens, rulers. AWESOMENESS. eep. so yes.


kisses xxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

faery mushroom magik....^_^

So, u know i have those tins? that im doing something, that you cant know about with? well iv made some magik faery toadstalls to go in something else you dont know will be good :D here they are hiding in the mulch in the woods :D

Sunday, 17 January 2010

one persons my treasure

bonjour bambinos!
yeeesssterday we went to the tip to drop off the rubbish that the bin men wouldnt collect..and we went to the little shop they have, and most of it is crraaapp, but this was really cute, and only £5! so i got it :) i love it. its so cuuuute. its a bit messy, but im gonna fix it n make it pretty again.

thats all :)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

new new new


well well, iv decided that making corsets on their own just isn't going to cut the mustard, or pay the rent, or pay for anything for that matter, so im branching out, into STUFF that girls like. im going to make cutesey one offs and little pocket money buys, and things for boys to buy for their sweethearts. yes.

and to start...i have these little tins.. you cant know what for yet, its a surprise, but you will see ;) i have 31 in all, all different sizes, some much bigger, the size of a quality street tin, and some teeeeeny tiny! god love ebay!!

aaannnddd i also have some bluuueeee gingham fabric, like...dark dark blue, in a wide check, which i wanna make some vintage inspired dresses from.

aaaannnddd im doing something AWESOME CUTE with some tea cups. watch this space.....

love xxx
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