Thursday, 4 March 2010


So, im moving house, as you will, in my other blog....we've got to sort through, organise and move an LOT of stuff thats been shoved in sheds etc over the past 10 years. on monday we cleared out a shed, and found a chair that im SO having, needs reupholstering but im up for that. ill upload before and after pics when its dried out a bit :)

Anyyywaaayyyyy, i found this amazing little tin! lookit!

then..what could be inside???

My Grandads leather work kit, YEAH IT IS!!! oh my im so excited to do stuff. im gonna make a collar for my dog :) and another for when we have a new dog. :). yyaayy :)

It seems my grandparents left me everything i would need for my hobbies, my Grandad also had a camera and looadss of bits and bobs, and now this :) and a letter press kit..for embossing/engraving, soldering iron etc etc. and my Gran left her sewing kit, knitting stuff, craft case full of scalpels, pens, rulers. AWESOMENESS. eep. so yes.


kisses xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. oh I love this! beauty


  2. There's is hidden beauty down there

  3. wow, such a treasure!

  4. aww, beautiful

  5. How is everything? Did you find any more treasures?


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